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Hi, I’m Mayowa Ajisafe,

Amazon bestselling author, self publishing coach and founder of Self Publishing School, Authors Crib and The 30 Days Book Method.

Writing and publishing books have changed my life since the day I quit my soul sucking job in 2012.

I believe there’s a book inside everyone. And my goal is to help you unleash that book out to life and go from blank page to a proud published author – even if you’re busy, idea-less, or bad at writing like me.

If everyone who want to write a book knows how to, everyone would have become a published author.

If you’ve dreamed about becoming an author for years, look no more, I am here to show you how.

My author journey wasn’t as rosy as it now seems; I encountered a lot of problems starting out too.

It started right after I fired my boss and left my ‘promising’ job in a real estate firm in August of 2012…

Then I wrote my first 3 *crappy* books in just 2 weeks and the rest is history.

I was wracked with self-doubt when I began my first book. I also did everything wrongly back then. My books were badly written, formatted, designed, edited and marketed and I sold NOTHING in the first 3 months of hitting the Publish button on Amazon.

But I never gave up – I consumed every blog post, podcast, video training that I could lay my hands on just to figure out how things worked with self-publishing. Then I started sharing my author journey on my blog.

Over time, things changed – I improved on how I wrote and marketed my books, and I built an audience around them.

I finally wrote another book – Life Hacking, and it turned me into an Amazon Best Seller. This book opened the way for me to wine and dine with the big boys in my niche.

Figuring out what worked for me and sharing tips with other authors on my blog led to authors coming to me to help them out. I started working with them to write, format, publish and market their books and I started making $$$$ doing so.

I later started writing books to help more authors and those books kept bringing me more clients from those who read them and a 6-figure author service was born.

Those books have helped my life and business move to a level I never imagined – I wake up every day to see more money coming into my bank account from many sources – and it all started from my self-published books.

Today, I live a freedom based life – working from my laptop while living from anywhere I want, making money every day to support my lifestyle. Writing books has also made me an authority in the Self-Publishing niche both on Linkedin and Goodreads.

All of these I got from sacking my boss and writing books.

I am not any guru of some sort – just a regular guy like you, but I must confess; it all started with me fumbling my way into figuring out what’s there to know about successful self-publishing.

Now I want to extend my knowledge and experience over the years to you; refined and created into easy-to-follow blueprints and systems that make up the The 30 Days Book Method!

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