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Learn How To Become A Published Author In The Next 30 Days With These Simple Six Steps System That I Have Used To Write, Publish and Launch Over 25 Books  And Even Helped Many Aspiring Authors Get Their Book To Life In The Past Nine Years.

We Help Aspiring Authors Go From Just A Book Idea To Becoming A Published Author In 30 Days Or Less Even If They Are Busy, Are Not Writers Or Even hate Writing


Hey aspiring author,

My name is Mayowa Ajisafe. I can help you go from “un-published” to a “published author”… quicker than you think and you don’t even need to write a single word of it if you don’t have the time to write or even love to write.

How do I know?

From November 2012 when I wrote my first three book in just two weeks, I learned how to create books that helped myself nd even hundreds of other creative thinking minds who wanted to write a book create a powerful personal brand, boost their visibility, and quickly establish authority and credibility.

So, if you know you need to write a book because of the automatic authority or expert status it will give you, but you hate the thought of sitting down and writing or even don’t know how to go about giving life to our dreamof becoming an author…

Or, if you’re sick of taking the long, long road to become an influencer, or…

If you want to bypass your competition in a hurry…

Then you’re in the right place because I’m going to show you…

How to write, publish and launch a non-fiction book in the next 30 days as a first time author even if you hate writing, you are not a writer or you are too busy to write.



Mayowa’s course was easy to follow and gave me all the basics I needed to set up my publishing platform. His style is warm and approachable and I feel like he can be a good mentor and advocate for me in my publishing journey.

Andrew Stotz

Award-winning financial analyst and author

I just want to say thank you, Mayowa..Concerning your book publishing and marketing help, I think you are one of the best I’ve read or listen to. “Many book publishing and marketing coaches and counselors just give as many marketing ideas and suggestion as they can think of and the result only makes the author or seller of any product just feel overwhelmed and discouraging like they are in a long, hard, fast race and just can’t keep up, so might as well give up

Steven Barben

American Author

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